Winfun Speedster Driver
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Winfun Speedster Driver

  • Steering wheel with 2 speed gearshift and light-up dashboard
  • Screen features driving car with headlight
  • Turn the steering wheel to control the car
  • Realistic car sounds include ignition key, horn and gear change

WinFun Super Speedster Driver, Power supply: AA BATTERY included in the fun video game steering wheel Winfun 1080 simulates lively.

PRODUCT INFORMATION. Material: BPA FREE Safety Plastic Weight: 600 gr Size: 23 x 21 x 10cm Age of use: Power supply: AA BATTERY included in the fun video game steering wheel Winfun 1080 simulates lively, authentic a real steering wheel will make the baby extremely excited, not only bring fun hours of play but also develop sense, mind and movement. Product characteristics Live simulation of a car control steering wheel – The steering wheel is designed to be lively, authentic to best simulate a real steering wheel. – The steering wheel has 2 speed numbers and a glow control screen, on the screen shows a car with headlights in traffic. – He’ll move the steering wheel to control the car. – The steering wheel sounds authentic: the sound of the car start, the distant horn, the shift. – The steering wheel can be attached to any flat surface for the baby to play thanks to vacuum behind the steering wheel Help him develop sense, intellect – Playing with the steering wheel can help him develop vision, hearing, ability to react to signals. – Children will also be more active, practice skillful motor skills, coordinate limbs and senses. Safe, high-end materials – The steering wheel is made from high quality plastic material, does not contain BPA and toxic substances, safe for baby’s health when playing. – Smooth, non-angular surface, the parts connected to each other are firm, safe for the baby.


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