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Jib Jab Change Face and Voice Record Sound And Play Robot Blue/Red

Meet Jib Jab, your favourite wacky robot who can wrap itself around you and change your voice. Swipe left or right to see the mood shift from cranky monster to mecha fairy and robo chill voice. Intelligent And Interactive JIB JAB can record and replay your audios at the click of a button, and in chat mode, it can listen to you and repeat what you say in three separate sound distortions. Try shaking him and activating the motion sensor to see what happens. Make a commotion There are two game modes to keep you entertained for hours. Chat Mode with Motion Sensor for Recording and Playback Under your own risk. Let your mates laugh by sending them funny messages. Voice Changer with Changing Face by Hendee Jib Jab Toys for Kids It’s a toy for kids with the ability to capture sounds and alter voices.

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