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Electronic Kitchen Basin For Kids

  • Product includes pliers,AFE, SUPER STRONG & EXTRA DURABLE – pieces made out of the sturdiest and safest materials around.
  • Made of Very fine ABS Plastic.
  • Made fully of non-toxic plastic.
  • Compact Design: Very innovative.
  • watch water flow through the faucet just like a real sink.
  • the drain and back into the tub to cycle over and over again.

Electronic Kitchen Basin For Kids, With this Battery-Operated Play Sink, kids can wash dishes with Electronic kitchen basin helps.

develop children’s ability of managing daily life chores. This basin is
designed with automatic circulating water and rotatable tap (180 degrees) with
multiple washing tools. The briefcase includes water tap, spoons, knifes, cups.
All the tools are made of quality plastic which makes it durable and long
lasting. The box contains a single shoulder bag which makes it easy to carry
and you can it anywhere to play with your friends.


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