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Archery Sport Boy Series

✔ This sport set is designed as a toy with soft shooting power.
✔ High Quality Durable ABS Material.
✔ Suction Cup, a safe hunting game for children.
✔ Can play both indoor and outdoor.
✔ Improve children’s hand eye coordination
✔ Cultivate children to focus on one thing and improve their hunting skills

Archery Sport Boy Series Playing bow and arrow can strengthen children’s physique, especially the strength of arms, waist and legs, and chest and back muscles.

Equipped with 12 Arrows: More suction-cup arrows perfectly provide more opportunities for kids to enjoy with families or friends. The arrows are suction-cup type, making them safe for children to shoot and ideal for sticking to target, windows or other flat surfaces. Great beginner archery bow to start practice shooting. (The packing box is designed as a target, so you can cut it out along the dotted line and shoot at it.) • Lightweight Bow & Easy to Carry: This bow set is equipped with quiver to keep arrows and it is easy to wear–just hang it on your back and there will be no more throwing away. Easy to carry the bow and arrow set anywhere, ideal for both indoors and outdoors play.


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