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2 in 1 Uppercase(ABC) & Lowercase(abc) Wooden Cards

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MORE letters, 2 complete alphabet sets and 52 animals pictures flashcards! Each kit includes 26 upper case A-Z and 26 lower case a-z in various colors.. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with an animal and a letter. Each letter matches an animal which is beginning with the letter, children can learn alphabet as well as animals.. Great puzzle cards for developping concepts of letters, colors and shapes. Beautifully detailed pictures of animals encourage interest in the naming and matching things.. Ideal for homeshool and early childhood classrooms learning. Great for developing sorting and graping skills and letter. Perfect gift for teachers and homeschoolers.. Coming with 2 bags, easy to storage. Made of integrated solid wood with eco-friendly water paint, the wooden set is tested to be safe and durable. Suitable for 3 years old and up.


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